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Welcome to our podcast! Here we are talking casually about Fixed Gear culture and everything around it. You can check our website: Hope you enjoy it!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Slow Spin Society Podcast Ep.37 : Why do we buy Thomson and Zipp? Fixed Gear influences ft. Fabian's last episode?

    Hey everyone! Do you ever feel like people within the fixed gear community are trying to dictate how you should ride or how you should set your bike up? Cinelli frames, Thomson stems, Omnium cranks, Zipp wheels, and so on, seem like the default option across ...


  2. The Slow Spin Society Podcast Ep.36 : Breaking the 4 minutes barrier with Ashton Lambie.

    Good morning racers! Do you think you’re fast? I’m sure we all think we’re pretty fast. Unfortunately, this month’s guest is someone who can take us down a peg and put us in our place. You may have heard of Ashton Lambie, but he’s currently best known for breaking ...


  3. The Slow Spin Society Podcast Ep.35 : A New Co-Host?!

    Hi guys! Today is a big day for the SSS podcast. We are welcoming our new co-host. And of course, it is no other than Rob ( We decided to co-host the show with Rob once a month because we love him and we had ...


  4. The Slow Spin Society Podcast Ep.34 : Fixed Gear's Unwanted Gatekeepers

    Hey everyone! A sense of elitism pervades most hobbies, ranging from uptight coffee snobs to photography armchair experts and the fixed gear community isn’t isolated from this type of behavior. No matter how self-aware and welcoming the whole culture may be, there will always be some ...


  5. The Slow Spin Society Podcast Ep.33 : Cinelli is not sponsoring this episode!

    Good morning pasta eaters! Another one of our “signature” history episodes that y’all love! This time we’re tackling the legendary and staple name in the fixed gear community - Cinelli! This company’s history is almost like a Disney story that writes itself, except that it really ...